core services

NAC’s Brewing Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest possible brewery. From the first contact to the final commissioning, we’ll collaborate to make sure you have the greatest brewery possible. Our sales team has a wide skill set and is well-versed in the brewing business. Design and Engineering draw on years of experience working with brewers to ensure that your system runs well.

We had completed the installation and commissioning of the below-mentioned equipment as per the client’s drawings, specifications/requirements.


In Kerala, we are a leading expert designer and manufacturer of full craft beer brewing equipment and packaging lines. For Indian microbreweries, we develop and manufacture superior microbrewery solutions and containers.

 To provide the best value for each customer, we always provide one full service of outstanding quality at an accessible price. NAC has a well-trained and efficient staff.

Starting with business planning, bespoke equipment that meets your demands, AutoCAD drawings for tanks, facility and utility layout and plumbing, and on-site installation, we will design your brewery.

Your high-quality beer is made using our high-quality brewing equipment!

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