Dairy processing is expanding fast over the world to supply the demand for milk and dairy products from an ever-increasing population. Milk from milk-producing animals is harvested or processed for human consumption in the dairy processing sector.

We provide Dairy Plant Commissioning Service in order to meet the changing and developing needs of our customers. Our company’s service is well-known for its efficiency and delivery within the agreed-upon time limit.

Apart from offering dairy commissioning services, we also offer assistance for the installation of dairy plants and equipment. We’ve honed our skills in addressing the manufacturing and exporting needs of a diverse range of industrial process equipment. These are used in the dairy products processing sectors and are made with the most up-to-date process technology and materials such as stainless steel and mild steel to ensure maximum functioning.

Dairy processing is quickly expanding over the world to supply the growing demand for milk and milk products among the world’s population. Years of expertise and extensive knowledge have positioned NAC as a leader in the processing of one of the world’s most vital and varied foods.

We thrive in constructing the large-scale facilities that the dairy processing sector requires to meet demand, stay on top of new trends, and remain competitive.

We design, engineer, and provide full facilities, processing lines, and equipment for handling raw milk, as well as milk and milk-based products manufacture, filling, and packaging.

Project management, plant installation, commissioning, and after-sales support are all areas of competence for us. All NAC dairy processing equipment is developed and manufactured to fulfil stringent hygiene and food safety requirements.